Our Mission

Arkins Construction Co. is committed to building healthier homes for your family’s future. We make informed, deliberate decisions that take into account financial and design concerns, as well as ensuring ongoing environmental stewardship to the farm-coast we call home

Who We Are

Healthy Design + Build

Since 1992 Arkins Construction Co. has delivered the highest quality custom homebuilding across New England’s Farm Coast. We are an integrated design + build and contracting firm specializing in custom millwork and committed to sustainable design practices.

The Bow Rafter Co.

Bowed Timber

Arkins Construction runs The Bow Rafter Factory, a manufacturer of standard and custom bow rafters since 1978. We combine our rafters and your ideas to build a contemporary design or reproduce an authentic colonial bow roof, porch, bridge, dormer, etc.


Join Our Team

We are in an exciting growth period as we look to become a local industry leader in green building practices. We have many opportunities available and are always looking for the right people. We offer training for certifications and reimbursement for continuing education programs, and look for candidates who want to advance their skill sets, or maybe develop a new one.